This training program is designed for EPCM Companies (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management)

Areas/fields in which you can work as

  • Design engineer
  • Construction engineer
  • Project coordinator
  • Project manager
  • Site supervisor
  • Erection Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Plant operation and minitoring
  • Documents and control
  • Consultant

You can work in different types of companies like.....

  • EPC Companies (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)
  • Design Consultancies
  • Construction Companies
  • Inspection and testing companies
  • Chemical production plants
  • Pipe manufacturing companies
  • Fitting manufacturing companies
  • Valve manufacturing companies
  • Software support companies
  • Drafting firms
  • Erection and commissioning companies
  • Pump and equipment manufacturing companies
  • Design verification companies
  • Our students are placed almost in all the companies who are engage in above mentioned business in the “OIL & GAS/ Power Sector in Mumbai, in all the states of India and in abroad.
Oil and gas sector is one of the key catalysts in fuelling the growth of global economy. World's energy needs are increasing fast, warranting a robust demand for oil and natural gas. The share of oil and natural gas in total primary energy demand is 40 percent. The planned investments across the oil and gas value chain includes exploration and production, oil and gas pipelines, petroleum refineries, R-LNG terminals, city gas distribution networks and petrochemical plants. Hence securing good job in industry is definitely possible with thorough knowledge of subject matter.
We are a Company Then an Institute. TIT provides training as per the current job requirements, through industrial case studies and ensures that students start performing from day one of their job.
TIT is an Autonomous Institute in OIL and GAS sector and not affiliated to any University or Board but highly recognised by the Industry.
Getting job solely depends on the performance during the Training Program and the interview. Students thorough with subject knowledge should definitely crack the interview, as industry is in need of skilled manpower.
Almost 50 to 70% of students are placed in the industry only due to their sincere efforts taken by them Since TIT is a part Of Trinkets Engineering & Design Consultant LLP so we absorb students in our company as well
As a fresher, one should first aim to get the opportunity to work in the field and get exposure of the practical knowledge of subject that will not only obtain experience but also shall help in building confidence. Once confident and with sufficient experience, one can definitely demand for good packages.
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