HVAC Drafting

A brief summary

HVAC Engineering is a highly booming industry with huge demand oriented career in it. All Chemical, process LPG, CNG, Oil & gas Pharmaceutical Industries are dependent on HVAC engineering for the comfort level .HVAC engineering consumes more than 60% to 70 % of energy load in all commercial building . HVAC engineers from the Industry with leading professionals selected by ASHRAE conduct this program.


Following is our Eligiblity Criteria:

  • B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • M .Tech / M.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering /li>


  • Design of HVAC Engineering
  • Project Manager of HVAC engineering
  • HVAC Design project
  • Manufacturing of HVAC engineering products
  • Operation of HVAC system
  • Layout of HVAC
  • Analytical Maintenance of HVAC System
  • Technical sales of HVAC
  • Field Engineering of HVAC
  • Application & Installation of HVAC


  • Commercial Buildings needs HVAC engineering
  • Airports needs HVAC engineering
  • Shopping Malls needs HVAC engineering
  • Hospitals , Office complex needs HVAC engineering
  • Residential buildingsneeds HVAC engineering
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs HVAC engineering
  • Oil & gas needs HVAC engineering
  • Off shore Industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Refinery needs HVAC engineering
  • Industrial plants needs HVAC engineering
  • Energy sector needs HVAC engineering
  • Chemical process needs HVAC engineering
  • EPC industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Consulting engineering needs HVAC engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Project & Construction needs HVAC engineering
  • Cement and Fertilizer needs HVAC engineering
  • Power plants needs HVAC engineering


  • Introduction and Fundamentals of Air Conditioning.
  • Modes of Heat Transfer
  • Basic Components of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration machines
  • Refrigeration cycle - Line Diagrams
  • Basic Refrigeration Cycle
  • Chill water cycle
  • Air cooled Chillers
  • Water cooled Chillers
  • Types of Air conditioning
  1. Window A/ C
  2. Spilt A/ C
  3. Package A/ C
  4. Central A/ C
  • Categories of Air Conditioning -All air system ,All water system ,Air water system
  • Study of psychometric charts Direct Refrigerant system
  • Survey of Building
  • Materials used in the Building Finding Temperature difference and U Factor For Wall, Glass, Roof, Partition
  • Load Calculations. Filling of E-20 Forms as per ASHRAE Standards for finding TR
  • ADP &CFM calculation
  • Static Pressure calculation for selection of motor & Fan
  • Pipe size. Calculation (chill water pipe
  • Fittings used in piping./li>
  • Air Distribution system
  • Fire Fighting Equipment (Awareness).
  • Duct-Definition and types
  • Materials of Duct and its specification (Gauge)
  • Duct design consideration for Duct sizing as per Aspect Ratio
  • Duct size method Equal Friction method Velocity reduction method. Static regain method
  • Finding Duct size using Ductalator & Duct sizer softwaren
  • Calculation of No of sheets
  • Symbols as per DW144 international standards./li>
  • Preparation of single line diagram (SLD) in drawing sheet
  • Layouts (Double line)
  • Sectional Drawing of DUCTS & its supports.
  • Wall openings drawings wherever duct is passing through walls
  • Sectional drawing of pipe & its supports
  • XL Sheet for load calculation
  • Revit MEP.
  • Shopping Mall – HVAC drafting
  • Residential – HVAC drafting
  • Hotel – HVAC drafting
  • Office – HVAC drafting
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