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Mechnical Drafting

A brief summary

Engineering language is expressed in drawing & drafting .Its a means of communicating with dimensions ,proportions , scale of machine or a building describing its details like the shape , size and section by a verbal or written language is very difficult henceforth Graphic language is used to express drawings .People who do these measured drawings are called as Draftsmen. Mechanical draftsman play a key role in the civil design industry .They do the 2d & 3d modeling of the buildings. They get well paid as a fresher and with experience. .


Following is our Eligiblity Criteria:

  • Diploma in Mechanical// Chemical// Production Engineering
  • 10th pass / 8th
  • Draftsmen /li>


  • Power plants
  • Petro Chemical Complex
  • Oil & gas need Piping Draftsman
  • Off shore Industry
  • Refinery
  • Industrial plants
  • Energy sector
  • Chemical process
  • EPC industry
  • Consulting engineers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Project & Construction
  • Cement and Fertilizer


  • Free hand sketching
  • Use of drawing instruments and materials
  • Drawing conventional lines according to isi code. Folding of sheets
  • Draw 1st & 3rd angle projection of points, lines, plain figures, solids & simple machine components
  • 2d & 3d drafting
  • Draw different types of sectional views and dimensioning their drawings
  • Draw isometric oblique and perspective projection of simple objects
  • Draw inter-penetration curves and developed simple objects
  • Draw temp. Fasteners – screws threads, bolts, nuts, washers, locking devices
  • Machine screws, cap screws, studs, set screws, foundation bolts, circlips, keys, cotters, and pins
  • Draw types of rivets and riveted joints.
  • Use of important pattern maker’s tools, making of simple patterns, use of molding tools and preparation of simple mould
  • Use blacksmiths hand tool, forging of simple jobs
  • Use fitter hand tools and measuring instruments
  • Carry out simple operations on shaping, and milling machines
  • Carry out simple operation on lathe
  • Use of sheet metal work and tools, elementary knowledge of gas and gas welding
  • Elementary knowledge of electrician trade and to be able to identify the different parts of i.c. engine
  • Prepare free hand sketches from exiting machine parts. Inking and colouring the drawing. Tracing a drawing on both tracing paper and cloth.
  • Draw details & assembly drawings of machine parts like coupling bearing, pulleys etc
  • Prepare piping drawings, main line layout as done previously
  • Prepare working drawings of different types of gears.
  • Prepare details and assembly drawings of important machine parts and engine parts
  • Draw working drawings of jigs, fixtures, gauges, press tools
  • Draw welding drawings, use of welding symbols on drawings
  • Draw foundations drawings for machinery
  • Draw and sketch assembly drawing of bench drilling and slotting machines.
  • To prepare working drawing of machine parts and components independently taking sketches from the shop floor
  • Making working drawing of projects.

Familiarization with :

  • Is-1444(drg. Board)
  • Is-1360 (t-sqr.)
  • Is-1561(set sqr.)
  • Is-696 (code of engg.drg.)
  • Preparation of detailed drawings from assembly. Drawings of simple machine parts such as : tool post of shaping
  • Mechanical drafting fixture for drilling hole.
  • Mechanical drafting of milling fixture.
  • Mechanical drafting of north light.
  • Mechanical drafting of Valve.
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