Piping Engineering

A brief summary

This course is recommended for candidates aspiring to make their careers with Engineering Consultants, Fabrication Companies, EPC Contractors, and Project Engineering Companies.This course is structured to raise the level of expertise in piping design and to improve the competitiveness in the global markets. This course provides various piping system designs, development skills and knowledge of current trends of plant layout. The students are given case studies to develop their professional approach.


Following is our Eligiblity Criteria:

  • Fresh/Experienced, Degree/Diploma Mechanical Engineers
  • Fresh/Experienced, Degree/Diploma Chemical Engineers
  • Fresh/Experienced, Degree/Diploma Production Engineers


  • Design of MEP
  • Project Manager of MEP
  • MEP Design project
  • Operation Controller
  • Layout of MEP
  • Analytical Maintenance of MEP
  • Technical sales of MEP
  • Field Engineering of MEP
  • Support in refinery ,Petrochemical


  • Power plants needs MEP
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs MEP
  • Oil & gas need MEP
  • Off shore Industry needs MEP
  • Refinery needs MEP
  • Industrial plants needs MEP
  • Energy sector needs MEP
  • Chemical process needs MEP
  • EPC industry needs MEP
  • Consulting engineers needs MEP
  • Pharmaceutical industry needs MEP
  • Project & Construction needs MEP
  • Cement and Fertilizer needs MEP


  • Overview of Industry and Scope of HVAC
  • Heat load calculation & psychrometric chart
  • Normal, Split, cassette and VRV, chiller, AHU
  • Ducting: friction & velocity method
  • Schematic drawing
  • Pipe sizing, selection & design
  • Diversity factor
  • Basic electrical drawing
  • Damper’s
  • Pump head calculation
  • Ventilation system(fresh & exhaust)
  • Machinery & equipments
  • Site visit
  • Electrical Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Component Description: Solar Panels, Inverters, Deep Cycle Solar Batteries, Solar Regulator Sizing Information
  • Solar Energy usage in various buildings
  • Electricity Distribution Point: The Circuit Breaker Box (Wiring Concept)
  • Role of an Electrical Design Engineer
  • General Design Philosophy
  • Electrical Services Design Philosophy ; Electrical supply & Electricity Switch Rooms
  • Primary & Power Electrical Distribution
  • Deign standards
  • Preparation of Load Estimate.
  • Selection of transformer, DG, HV/LV switches gears
  • Transformer sizing, DG sizing.
  • HT & LT Cable sizing.
  • Designing of overall single line diagrams for Lighting, Power distribution.
  • Preparation of earthing schematic Diagrams.
  • Preparation of transformer, DG set, electrical room layout
  • Preparation of Power and Lighting Layouts.
  • Review for preparation of electrical drawings without any discrepancy


Different Electrical Services

  • Lighting, Power
  • Fire Alarm
  • Emergency lighting Etc
  • Emergency Lighting, Fire Detection Systems , Alarm System, A Fire Alarm System , Emergency Call Systems , Lightening Protection Systems , Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Use of CCTV , Soil & Waste
  • Survey Condition Report, Budget Estimation Report, Stage Submission Report, Specifications , Drawings, Tender/Cost/ Project Report, Final Accounts Reports, Hand Over Documents.


  • Plumbing is the system of pipes, drains fittings, valves, valve assemblies, and devices installed in a building for the distribution of water for drinking, heating and washing, and the removal of waterborne wastes, and the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures in such systems.
  • Common Fixtures Details
  • National Pipe Thread (NTP), Pipe Terminology, Pioe Varieties.
  • Nomenclature of Pipe Fittings, Pipe & Tubing
  • Designing of chambers, Manholes etc
  • Estimation of water Supply
  • Soft & Silver Soldering
  • Types of Pipes
  • Sanitary Layout
  • Formula for flow through pipes
  • Water supply
  • Pump selection

Drainage System

  • Designing Procedure
  • Requirement & Types for Sanitary and Internal Sanitary Drainage System
  • Pipe Sizing & Calculation
  • Material used for Sanitary Drainage & its Schematic Layout
  • Designing Procedure, Pipe Sizing & Calculation
  • Designing Procedure
  • Pipe Sizing & Calculation
  • Designing Procedure, Pipe Sizing & Calculation
  • Designing Procedure
  • Pipe Sizing & Calculation
  • Slope by Manning’s formula
  • Depth of Inspection Chamber/Manholes
  • Using Continuity Equation, Manning, s Formula and Rational Formula
  • Schematic Layout of Water Treatment Plant
  • Working drawings
  • Detailing of plumbing service
  • Loop sizing – (Software)
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