Project Management

A brief summary

Project Management provides an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution consisting of role-specific tools to satisfy each team member's needs, responsibilities, and skills. Project Management was built to get you running planning and scheduling immediately. With easy and intuitive navigation, you will begin planning, scheduling and controlling your project faster than you ever thought possible. Combining this with our classes by the lead engineers allows you to maximize your investment in this best-of-breed planning and scheduling.


Following is our Eligiblity Criteria:

  • B. Tech / B.E in Civil engineering / Production Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil engineering / Production Engineering
  • M .Tech / M.E in Civil engineering / Production Engineering


  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Manufacturing/li>
  • Real Estate Development


  • Commercial Buildings needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Airports needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Shopping Malls needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Hospitals , Office complex needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Residential buildingsneeds PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • EPC industry needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Consulting needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Project & Construction needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Aerospace and Defense needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Information Technology needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Automation needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Systems Manufacturing needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Design, Procurement and Construction needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • New Product Development needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Education and Training needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Risk Management needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Environmental Management needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Urban Development needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.
  • Financial Services needs PROJECT MANAGMENT.


  • Terminology.
  • Business Model. ‐ Parties, Types of contract
  • Design Build Contracts. – Brief, Advantages
  • Scheduling/Activities
  • Resources/Costs
  • Centralized Project Management
  • Agency CM
  • CM at Risk
  • Units & scales. ‐ Scales – SI & British units, Conversions
  • Method of Planning & Scheduling
  • Conventional Methods – Gantt/Bar chart
  • Network Methods ‐ Critical Path Method ‐ CPM
  • Elements of Network
  • Activity Slack or Float
  • Advantages of PERT/CPM
  • Advanced security features
  • Risk Analysis
  • Issue Management
  • Claim Digger
  • Rules to be followed for drawing Network
  • Development of Network
  • To Estimate Project Duration
  • Estimation of activity duration time
  • Compressing the Critical path
  • Start & Finish Time of activity
  • Identification of the Critical Path
  • Coordination with architects & civil Engineers
  • Preparing reports.
  • Preparation of estimation sheet
  • Manual inspection
  • Laying and construction process
  • Microsoft Project Management
  • Primavera
  • Shopping Mall – PROJECT MANAGMENT engineering
  • Residential – PROJECT MANAGMENT engineering
  • Hotel – PROJECT MANAGMENT engineering
  • Industrial -Project managment engineering
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