Why Join Trinkets

Trinkets Institute has chosen the 'design thinking' approach towards Engineering education.
All our efforts and manifestations as a result stem from the integration of design thinking into Engineering education!

Expert teachers

Our faculty members are considered to be best-of-class in terms of their expertise, industry experience and academic and education credentials.

Trusted certifications and Accrediations

Providing you with trusted certificates and testimonies, building up confidence in the academic career of an Engineer!

Best Distant Learning

As a part of the Distance Learning Program, students are provided study material in online and offline formats to suit their preferences.

Expertise and Impact

We provide variety in Industries, experiencing in-all Engineering capablities & building up those capablities to help you succeed!

Our Major Courses

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Piping Engineering

This course provides various piping system designs, development skills and knowledge of current trends of plant layout.

Structural Engineering

This course will help the student to have understanding of structural behavior. It will form a basis for analysis and design of building structures.

Process Engineering

This course provides a broad overview of various oil and gas industry processes and the activities carried out while designing.

Electrical Engineering

This course provides design of Electrical Systems which deals with the study and application Electrical Power System, etc.

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