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There is a Lot of Gap Between Theoretical Knowledge that we studied in the College and Practical Knowledge which is Happening in day-to-day Life. In this Practical Manual Strucrual designs(RCC) course, you will Learn all the Fundamental concepts of the Latest Structural Designs, and how to start designing when you get a Plan from the Architect till the completion of the Project.

STAAD Pro will help the students to do the Structural assignments in a quick and better way.


  • Introduction

  • Elements of the STAAD.Pro Screen

  • Starting a New Project

  • Defining Structure Geometry/ Modelling

  • Setting the Project Units

  • Assigning Member Specifications

  • How to specify member releases

  • Additional Member Specifications

  • Assigning Supports

  • Assigning Loads

  • Creating the First Load Case

  • Creating the Second Load Case

  • Creating the Combination Load Case

  • Performing the Analysis

  • Design

  • Design Viewing the Output File

  • Preparing Structural Drawings

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