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A brief summary As per the National Forecast up to year 2015, with so many industries coming up need of […]

Instrumentation And Control

A brief summary

As per the National Forecast up to year 2015, with so many industries coming up need of Instrumentation Engineers is eventually going to increase, as thousands of them are required. These engineers can pursue consultancy-based work. Instrumentation and control engineers are employed in a range of modern industrial settings such as manufacturing, environmental, health, food production, mining and energy production. They are typically employed to monitor, measure, regulate and control physical quantities like temperature, pressure and flow, and to control product movement, actuators and positioning devices for example
Instrumentation And Control


  • Fresh/Experienced, Degree/Diploma Instrumentation Engineers

  • Fresh/Experienced, Degree/Diploma Electrical Engineers


  • Control systems design and installation

  • Process control and instrumentation

  • Installation and management

  • Electronics design and manufacturing

  • Research and development

  • Sales and service of technical equipment

  • project and technology management


  • Petro chemical complex needs instrumentation & control.

  • Oil & gas need instrumentation & control.

  • Off shore industry needs instrumentation & control.

  • Refinery needs instrumentation & control.

  • Industrial plants needs instrumentation & CONTROL.

  • Energy sector needs instrumentation & control.

  • Chemical process needs instrumentation & control.

  • EPC industry needs instrumentation & control.

  • Consulting . needs instrumentation & control.

  • Pharmaceutical industry needs instrumentation & control.

  • Project & Construction needs instrumentation & control.

  • Cement and Fertilizer needs instrumentation & control.

  • Power plants needs instrumentation & control.

  • Commercial Buildings needs instrumentation & control.

  • Airports needs instrumentation & control.

  • Shopping Malls needs instrumentation & control.

  • Hospitals , office complex needs instrumentation & control.


  • Overview of EPC Industry and Scope

  • Role of Instrumentation Engineer in various types of Industry

  • Knowing Client requirements and collection of specific data for projects

  • Relevant Codes & Standards

  • Basic Design requirement based on the type of plant e.g. Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical Industrial, power plant etc

  • Selection of Instruments for Controlling Flow, Temperature, level and Pressure

  • Vendor's details and specification for all Instruments used to control Flow, Level, Temperature and Pressure

  • Installation and maintenance Tips of all Instruments

  • Instrument Index

  • Instrument Location Plan Details

  • Process Data sheets and Specifications

  • Instrument Data Sheets

  • Instrument Wiring Layout

  • Logic Diagrams

  • Loop Drawing

  • Loop Wiring Diagram

  • JB Layout

  • Cable Schedule

  • Cable Tray Layout

  • Hook-Up Drawing

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